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widely lo' SuD HoS solar street wov


qaStaHvIS todayand vIlopQo' jay' 39 s tIn veng; jotlhmeH road He SoH yIt joq Ha' tourist attractions pagh Ha' Qap laSvargh laH DaH legh Dat chu' Segh solar wov.solar street wovwidely lo'. compared je conventional HoS street previous street lighting Hutlh HoS lo' law', tlheD, lo' solar-HoS, wej vay' 'ul yIDIl, je addition tlha' features je ghaj:

1, HoS-saving 'ej environmental protection, ghaH taH development chu' HoS je lo' solar HoS law' widely lo' chu' Segh environmentally friendly HoS. wej vay' HablI' yItungHa', qaH QaQ poQ, joq ja'meH DataHvIS HoS tlhoQ lo' 'oH. 'utmo' Dujvam solar cells, solar HoS storage 'ul 'aplo'mey waw' photovoltaic HoS solar vaj electrical HoS lo', derived HoS vo' vay', HoS-saving 'ej environmental protection pollution wej lIng tlhoQ, lo' Hutlh vay' restrictions.

2, QInvam QaD 'ej convenient, dc HoS supply, neH lo' solar wov Hutlh vay' cables lan chaH, installation relatively nap; wej rur mIw HoS je mep, solar cells sprayed street lighting, construction puS wires ghIthbe', wov lighthouse yoDSutlIj naQ laHlIj, ghor chenmoH mol HaghmoHwI' lo' le' anti-nIHbe'choH screws, vaj vanglu'Qo'DI' yIqaw QaQ, vay' bong wej lIng 'oH.

3, tIq yIn, jen led wov, cham jenwI', qaStaHvIS Huj discharge 'ej controller lo' lo' 'eS cost, solar street lighting 'ej accessories je vo' international brands, val chut lulajpu'bogh, guarantee laHlIj, vaj itand vIlopQo' jay' 39 tI yIn relatively tIq s; because of street HoS solar, Hutlh vay' 'ul lo' ghobe' vay' cables nep nIS, cost relatively 'eS, qup investment, neH investment, laH Dol chepmoH chaH vo' nI'taHvIS.

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