juH > Sov > 'a ghIH

scope yIqaw je lo' led industrial lighting


Qo'noS scope application:

widely yIlo' petroleum exploration, oil refining, chemical, QI' 'ej latlh Qob environments 'ej SIp oil platforms, oil tankers 'ej latlh Daq Sa' lighting 'ej operational lighting ngoQ;

generally applicable veb protection requirements, yIQ Daq.


HoS nom

led pong Hop nIv luminous efficiency chep Hal, rap illuminance law' potlhmeyDaq tlheD-saving 50 rap je smaller HoS led jatlhtaH instead of potlhmeyDaq jatlhtaH high-power, laH chav vatlhvI'-70 vatlhvI' HoS pol, lighting 'angbogh Da wIv nIvbogh; Row toD HoS chav

ultra-run yIn

pong Hop shortest yIn chep Hal, vaj laH ru' leH-tlhab lo' led chep Hal Sub, pagh SIrgh fuse, electrode aging 'ej latlh Duy', 50,000 rep yIn motlhbogh pagh latlh,

QaD 'ej reliable

be'nI'puqDaj ghuS puS wov electric potlhmeyDaq Hal 'ej jenwI'-Se' electromagnetic yotlh qaS. Dev lo' 'eS-voltage dc HoS supply, tuj, electromagnetic interference wej Dumerbe' Dech luch. Dev epoxy Sub package, mup resistance, vibration lo'.


led 'uchtaH spectrum wabmeyvetlh neH visible chep ghom, pagh uv woj, mercury-tlhab, pagh 'ugh baS pollution; pagh SIrgh fuse, ghor HIvje', flammable SuQ substances leakage 'ej bISuDqu' environmental latlh 'e'.

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