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led warehouse lighting fixtures yIlo'


led warehouse lighting fixtures yIlo'

1. jen laHlIj aluminum production, workmanship HuStaHbogh, qIy'amo Hoch, sink tuj built-in apply products, tuj dissipation nIv.

2. DughajmoH jen brightness led chep Hal, built-in HoS jen choHbe' mIw vIHechbogh Qu'mey potlh yItungHa', qaH QaQ HoS, ensure HoS-saving efficiently 'ej tIq apply products poH Qap ngaD.

3. chup products 50000hours latlh lo' chIS pagh warm chIS, lifetime

4. application: Warehouses, laSvargh, workshops, stadiums, exhibition vaS.

railway. yaH, shopping malls.

below warehouse lighting jInmol lo':

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