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tera'vo' rio olympic games Sports Developments wov


lighting developments sports vo' rio olympic games

lughoS rio olympic games Dor, 'ej naH jajmeymaj reH qup HoS satisfactory. pa'vo' sports wov, 'op developments laH legh wa'.

1, baS halide poH'a' 'elbogh olympic stadium neH rio

according to incomplete statistics, reH jatlhtaH qutlh cost-effective, baS halide, lo' puS 70 vatlhvI' rio olympic Stadium 'ej baS halide jatlhtaH cham nen, ngaDmoH yIqaw, Hal 'elbogh olympic games venues.

2, led lighting application sports yotlh

led lighting chu' sport favorite. according to incomplete statistics, qaSlaH tu'lu' puS 2,000 HIjmeH led lighting lo' qaStaHvIS Hoch bIquv venues venues, sports led cham nom development wov.

led stadium lightingpIq lurgh development.

3, ru' lighting yIteb multi-sports

cher chaH Dapon 'e' yI Quj venues quantities weghbogh, in addition to ru'Ha' vIleghDI', lo' lo' 'ach je convention centers latlh yIteb logh je nIS ru' venues 'ej low-grade venues lo' je nIS 'op. [yInbe'taHbogh rav appropriate lighting taS ru' venue lighting pat, baS laH DanoHmeH illumination supplementary lighting Hol low-level venues olympic games requirements ghom Dub lo'. ghaHDaq BERNARDO. supplemental lighting pat ru' lighting pat chenmoH

vaj, led lighting pat pIq lurgh development! vaj ghot tu'lu'. mej bID stadium yotlh je led lighting ghaj veb olympic games neH tokyo anticipate: venture.

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