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led Street wov Feature 'ej Technical Requirements


HoS consumption, efficiency luminous jen, tIq yIn je latlh characteristics 'eS led wov environmental pollution-tlhab, vaj, led tlheD moj nIvbogh wIv HoS-saving transformation. nom, tIq yIn, protection environmental, relative to wov yIteb sodium, loss wov led ghot'e' neH HoS loss disadvantage, SoHvaD potlh 'utmo' Dujvam ghajbogh led lighting.

closely related road lighting peopleand vIlopQo' jay' 39 tI s production 'ej yIn. along with acceleration jungwoq urbanization, 'utmo' Dujvam directional lighting, 'eS HoS consumption, QaQ yItungHa', qaH QaQ characteristics, nom response, jen capacity seismic, tIq chavmoH yIn 'ej SuD protection environmental ghaj led street jatlhtaH. vaj 39 vIlopQo' jay'; peopleand vision s, law' 39 vIlopQo' jay'; worldand Hal wov s 'ach yInmey potlhmeyDaq chep Hal 'utmo' Dujvam chu' bovvam HoS-saving, vaj, led tlheD moj nIvbogh wIv road HoS-saving transformation wov. Hoch follows Sar characteristics:

1. lulIngmeH rate chep 'e' one-way wov;

2. unique secondary optical chut lulajpu'bogh, lighting efficiency, HoS-saving Dub ghajbogh led;

3. pa' terms chep color puS rap brightness led chep illumination, chav loQ ghuS puS joH rop jen sodium jatlhtaH;

led wovmoHwI' neH HoS designers lo' laH ghuS puS jenwI'-joH rop sodium jatlhtaH;

5. HoS-saving jan yISeH led wov ghaH automatic;

6. nI' yIn;

7. jen luminous efficiency;

8. ngeD jom;

9. pov thermal SeH.

10. laHlIj 'ej reliable.

chep color HIp;

not harm environment luH;

taHtaHghach 'ach critical potlhmeyDaq jatlhtaH street, led street jatlhtaH leH costs qubchugh.

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