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chay'pen 'e' nuq 'oH val led Lighting?

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chay'pen 'e' nuq 'oH Lighting led val

je itslight Hal led street wov puS integrate tlheD 'e' tlhuD diodes (led) wov lo'. integrate wovmoHwI' qel roD HoSqu'mo', qaStaHvIS HochHom cases, fixture luminaireand wej 'ay' chev (jIQongqa'laHbe' led gine-waw' luminous). chu' qaStaHvIS manufacturing, ngaQ beq 'ej vaj ghom led beq je tuj sink integrate lighting fixture, street tIS neH yInmaj moj vI'Iprup potlh Damoj led chep cluster.

vaj Ha' yu' chay'pen 'e' nuq 'oH lighting led val?

loQ mon. Hach mIS je 'ang qabDaj je cham improvement.more specifically, qIlmeH pIj 'oH pong SeH cham.

nowadays, De'wI', iso pagh android je latlh val pat SeH Dev reH val.

qaStaHvIS mIw 'oH yISeH nuvpu' val pat yo'SeH vabDot 'oH yISeH maH Hop Ha' vo' juH.

'ej vaj Qap puS 'ej latlh application jaj 'ej Hach ghogh SeH. liberates ghogh SeH Human being chel tools.there, pagh nIS Qap Samta'meH neH cellphone.

latlh jIH chorDaq, laH vISangchu'Qo'chugh tam maH.

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