'och Lighting Dev mutil tajvaj

QaD wIDublaH traffic chenmoH shaanxi yahua Lighting led 'och wov reduce leH, convenience SeH jen luminous efficiency ghIq 'ej extremely HoS-efficie chaH

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QaD wIDublaH traffic chenmoH ghaH reduce leH, convenience SeH jen luminous efficiency 'ej extremely HoS-nom, 'eS-leH, durable je reliable 'oH toH le' ambient je neH 'och laH withstand chaH particularly vaj shaanxi yahua Lighting led 'och wov.

tu'lu' mutil pIm jol lighting wIv. ngeD jom. wa'vatlh Aluminum tuq, QaQ tuj dissipation pagh-leH qej Hal led reliable 'ej multiple drivers.

ghaH rIn 15 DIS 'ach technologically 'Itlh luminaire 'och underpass lighting tev Sar roadway lunaDHa' & applications 'ej lupoQ SIQpu'bogh qaStaHvIS 'och wov yahua offers wov.. multiple mounting configurations DuHIvDI' HoS-saving 'ej sustainable taS applications 'ej QuQ choHwI'maj motlh 90-300 watt luminaires chu' led 'och lighting.

highly optimal thermal management 'ej optical yIqaw jonpIn ghajHa'ghach DuHIvDI' rIn 15 DIS reliable yo'SeH je multiple lighting distributions neH 'e' laH, yu' environments 'och lighting withstand platform qar,.




yuvtlhe' puH Duj parks

public 'ej industrial yoS

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